Location: Port Said, Egypt

Duration: 1 year

Supervision activities to/for:

  • Install different types and sizes of pipes gaskets and blinds
  • Replace and install new heaters in sulfur pitt
  • Repaire sulfur conveyor band and guide rollers used for loading in ships
  • Install and test various equipment and machinery
  • Pressurization and leak test of pipe line to operating pressure with inert gas, checking of integrity of flange joints, line-up of pipe with instruments
  • Maintenance todifferent sizes and types of valves
  • Replace pipes, flanged connections and bolts in desalination facility
  • Change different types and size of filters
  • Prepare list of necessary materials, tools and other materials required for job and propose for approval
  • Attend inspections and tests of the installed works with client representatives
  • Control water level, dampers in boilers and fuel supply.
  • Maintain operation of boilers, stokers, water heaters, heat exchangers, steam traps, cooling towers, incenerators, valves (ball, gate, globe, control etc)
  • Control water level, dampers in boilers and fuel supply
  • Make sure all equipment is in good condition and operating properly, plant equipment and tools are cleaned.
  • Oil & Gas HSE skills.

Languages: English – good

Transportation, insurance, visa, accommodation and meals provided by Client.