Active Resurse Company was established in 2005 in the heart of the Refinery and Petrochemical vocational area of Romania, Ploiesti(60 km from the capital).

Our history

History, tradition and technology permeate this area that for more than half a century has been the leading Country of Europe in the Oil Technology and Production.
In this day this heritage has left a profound culture and attitude evidenced by a dedicated Oil & Gas University (UPG) and four international refineries. Active Resurse Company operating in this context maximize the long experience matured by local engineers and technicians making them available to the world Industry, providing Recruitment and Procurement services.

Our operation

Dealing with the Oil & Gas and Industrial Sector worldwide we understood the necessity to create a composite Personnel Data Base that range from European too Far East, Africa and South America nationality.
Our aspiration is to provide our client reliable and custom made services willing not only to provide qualified and referenced personnel but also all those complimentary services that go along with the activity.